Periodontal-Gum Therapy

Brampton Gum Treatment & Gum Disease

The choice of Surgical & Non Surgical Gum Therapy is available at our dental office.

Our dental office delivers Periodontal-Gum Therapy. Gum disease is a problematic and long-term condition which is the result of bacterial plaque and tartar that builds up beneath the gum line. If not treated, these bacteria can damage the bone that holds the teeth which can result in tooth loss.

However, gum infection could exist for years prior to being discovered by a dentist. For that reason, it is necessary that routine examinations are performed – especially if other conditions such as diabetes or heart conditions are existent. Signs which can include irritated, reddish or uncomfortable gums, gums that may bleed and unusual bad breath may all be symptoms that you’re suffering from periodontal disease.

Periodontal Gum Therapy