Children’s Dentistry

Kid & Child Dentist In Brampton

When caring for your child’s oral health, it is important to start at an extremely young age. Typically, we recommend dental care from the eruption of the first baby tooth at 6 months old. At this early age, the parents should make certain they’re brushing their infant’s teeth daily in order to help your child develop a brushing habit. It’s important to know that the earlier you start the easier it is to form a habit to set in.

Your little one’s teeth will develop in 3 different stages. Deciduous dentition, which starts from 6 months of age to 6 years of age. At this stage your child will develop baby teeth. Mixed dentition stage develops from 6 years to approximately 13 years. At this point, children have a combination of permanent and baby teeth. The final stage is known as permanent dentition which takes place from the ages of 13 and up.

The main purpose of children dentistry is to prevent to diseases from entering the mouth (teeth, gums and dental structures) or treat any issues that may occur.

Prevention starts by cleaning, regular checkups, fluoride application, pits and fissure sealing and hygiene education. By utilizing these prevention methods, we can maintain and promote your child’s oral health, as well as help your child understand the best methods of dental care.

Making certain the permanent teeth have enough space to erupt and keeping an eye on the right eruption sequence of teeth is very important as this helps eliminates potential problems which may arise in the future.

Children's Dentistry